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Hotel Info for Nor’Easter Masters 2014 Competition

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The big event is about 2.5 months away, so it’s time to start planning the details!

We have a room block set up at the Hyatt Place Hotel in Milford.  Click HERE to make your reservation.  The block is under CrossFit Milford and is for June 27th and 28th. The group rate is $109/night, and you must reserve prior to 5/23.

Thank you, and spread the word, as we do still have spots available for competitors!



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To register for the Nor’Easter Masters 2014, please go here.   Happy training, and we look forward to seeing you in June!

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Announcing the Nor’Easter Masters 2014!

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The Nor-Easter is a two-day fitness competition. The first annual NEM took place in 2013 at Reebok CrossFit One and was a huge success.

The Nor’Easter Masters (NEM) 2014 details are here:

Saturday, June 28th and Sunday, June 29th at CrossFit Milford in Milford, CT.

TJ’s Events will be running the show once again, with Reebok stepping up as a generous event sponsor and CF Milford Owner, Jason Leydon, assisting from the venue as we plan from Northern CA.

The Nor-Easter is a two-day fitness competition for athletes ages 40 and up.  Age groups in each gender will be 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, and 60+.

The Nor’Easter is presented by TJ’s Gym Events, the engine behind the wildly successful NorCal Masters event.  We are, once again, taking our show on the road, this time landing in Milford, CT at CF Milford.

Workouts will be challenging and will include advanced movements and weights appropriate for competitive Masters athletes.  There will be no scaled divisions, but we have always been extremely inclusive and encourage you to join the competition, even if you’re not a high-level competitor.  We look forward to the usual gritty performances and inspiring stories we have come to expect from the Masters group.

We expect to cap registration at 200 athletes.  We will post the registration link at 7:00am PST/10:00am EST Monday, March 17th.  We anticipate selling out this event, so please register right away if you’d like to join us.

Email allison@tjsgym.com with questions.

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Nor’Easter Masters Competition Album: Day One


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Nor’Easter Masters Spectators: Bring Cash!!

Spectator Tickets $15/day or $20 for both days

Beer Tickets $5 per beer

Raffle Tickets to support CF for Hope $10/ticket or $20 for 3 tickets (Great prizes!)

Also, bring your wallets, because Reebok apparel will be sold, and you’ll get 25% off if you do a body scan to help Reebok create better-fitting apparel.  The scan takes 5 seconds and it’ll get you 25% at the Reebok store!!!

There will also be food for sale from Paleo Power Meals, so come ready to eat good stuff!  Lots of other vendors will be there, as well.

See you tomorrow!

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2013 NorEaster Movements Standards


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WORKOUTS ARE HERE!!!!! (all but the finals). Sorry for the late post!

The three main workouts count 18% each.  The three miniwods count 9% each. The finals for top 5 athletes in each division (all 3 for 60+ men and women) will count as 19% of your overall score.

WOD 1 Clean and Jerk Ladder Combined with Chest to Bar or Regular Pullups

C and J ladder AMRAP per minute

Ages 40-49: 95/135, 105/145, 115/155, 125/165, 130/175, 140/185, 145/195

Ages 50-54 men 50-59 wmn: 65/95, 75/115, 85/125, 95/135, 100/145, 105/155, 110/165

Ages 55-59m and 60+ : 55/75, 65/95, 75/115, 85/125, 95/135, 100/145, 105/155

The barbell ladder will alternate with Amrap chest-to-bar per minute for ages 40-49 and AMRAP regular pullups for ages 50 and up.

Each athlete will move from barbell #1 to pullup station #1 to barbell #2, to pullup station #2, etc. with a judge following along.

**You must do at least one rep of C and J in order to continue with the workout.  If you can’t do at least one rep, you can do 5 burpees in that minute, instead.  Once you have done burpees, you must do burpees for all subsequent barbell minutes.  You will get a 0 for all minutes you perform burpees for your C and J score but you can continue on in the workout.  If you run out of time and don’t get a C and J or 5 burpees in a minute, you will not be allowed to progress through the rest of the ladder in either C and J or pull-ups, and your score will be the reps you’ve gotten up to that point.

**You must do at least one rep of pull-ups each pullup minute, or you will have to stop at that minute. Your score will be the reps you’ve gotten to that point.


Barbells 1 and 2: Each C and J will count as 1 rep

Barbells 3 and 4: Each C and J will count as 2 reps

Barbells 5 and 6:  Each C and J will count as 3 reps

Barbell 7:  Each C and J will count as 4 reps

This means that as the weights increase, each rep counts more.

**Overall workout scoring**

67% C and J total reps (weighted amounts taken into account)

33% C2B/pullup total reps

WOD 2 SHUTTLE RUN PLUS  (9 min time cap)

Run 10 yards to OHS 45/35–barbells are there waiting.  Do 10 OHS (only 5 for ages 55-59 men, 60+ men and women)  Run back to start.

Run 10 yards, do 10 OHS (5 for 55-59 men and 60+ men and women) and run to 20 yard line.  Do 8 KB  swings (kb’s waiting there) and run back to start.

Run 10 yards, do 10 OHS (5 for 55-59 men and 60+ men and women) run to 20 yardline do 8 swings, run to 30 yard line where there will be DB’s for 8 DB snatches per arm, alternating sides.  Run back to start.

Run 10 yards, do 10 OHS (5 for 55-59 men and 60+ men and women), run to 20 yardline and do 8 swings, run to 30 yardline, do 8 snatches per arm, run to 40 yard line. and do 24 burpees and sprint back to start.

Weights and rep modifications:

KB 40-44  53/70

KB 45-49 44/53

KB 50-54 men 53

KB 50-59 women 35

KB 55-59 men 53

60+ 26/44

OHS 40-44 35/45

OHS 50-54 men 45

OHS 50-59 women and 55-59 men and 60+ Men and women  35/45 (only 5 reps of OHS per set)

DB 40-44 30/45

DB 45-49 30/45

DB 50-59 men and women  25/40

DB 60+  15/25

WOD 3  Deadlift/Toes to Bar/ Box Jumps  (Time cap: 15 minutes)

10, 9, 8…1 reps of:


Toes to Bar

Box Jumps

DL weights

ages 40-44 165/205

ages 45-49 155/195

ages 50-54 men and 50-59 women  135/175

ages 55-59 men 155

60+ men and women 105/125

Box height 20/24 for everyone except 60+ 20/16. Step-ups are permitted, as are step downs (encouraged!)

Toes to bar:

ages 40-59: toes touch bar

60+ men and women: knees break plane at nipple line (we will tape your shirts)


1.  Prowler push plus 40 Double Unders x 4 (down and back twice) for time. Time cap: 5 min

2.  In 5 minutes row 750w/1000m and then do as many wallballs as you can in time remaining.  Wallballs are all to 10’.
40-44  20/14

45-49  20/12

50-59  14/10

60+ 12/8

3.  Amrap rope climbs in 3 minutes

40-49  16 feet

50-54 men 16 feet

55 +  men  14 feet

50 -59 women 12 feet

60+ modified climbs


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